Sunday, April 20, 2008

“Marathon Matt” Harville wins the first EKU Triathlon

By Don McNay

"Marathon" Matt Harville CSSC, won the first- ever Eastern Kentucky University Triathlon on April 11.

Matt is a senior settlement consultant with McNay Settlement Group in Richmond, Ky. .

At age 29, the Frankfort, Kentucky, native who now resides in Richmond, is making a name for himself nationally on the Ironman, Triathlon, and Marathon circuits.

Matt has also been a success in the world of structured settlements.

Harville, a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant, has been named to the Million Dollar Round Table in each of the past three years and also named to Top of the Million Dollar Round Table.

Top of the Table is the highest honor in the financial services industry. It is open to a select few.

People who compete in Ironman Triathlon's are also a rare breed. In order to finish and Ironman competition, you have to swim 2.4 miles, run 26.2 miles and bike 112 miles.

All in the same day.

"Matt is a man with incredible focus," said Clay Bigler, President of McNay Settlement Group. "He doesn't watch mindless television, surf the internet or eat unhealthy foods. He is driven to achieve inconceivable goals and has high standards."

Matt's intense discipline is hidden underneath a level headed, cool, and likeable personality. Think of a young Barack Obama. People love Matt the moment that they meet him.

Harville has carved out a unique niche as an expert in workers compensation structured settlements and also in medical savings accounts. He is considered a leading authority in each field.

He served two years as President of the Madison County Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. (NAIFA).

The vision to bring Matt to McNay Settlement Group came from his father, Jim Harville.

Jim is a retired big wig in the Kentucky Department of Transportation and an avid supporter of Eastern Kentucky University. He met Don McNay in the 1990's and decided that McNay Settlement Group would be a good career for his son.

Note that Matt was in high school at the time. Jim had the vision to see that Matt would fit well into the structured settlement business.

Matt came to McNay as a college intern in 2000 and outside a brief stint at the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, he has been there ever since.

Harville was a high school track star in Frankfort. He planned to run in college but focused on work and academics. His spirited nature again stirred and he began competing in races as he trained for his first Ironman competition in 2006.

A typical day for Matt starts with a few hours of early morning training, an intense schedule at the office and more training that night.

Endurance. training is a Harville family affair. His wife Lyndsey finished third in the women's division of the same Eastern Kentucky University race. Both of them have competed in Ironman competitions.

No word on when their 2 year old daughter Lillian plans to start.

Matthew Harville, CSSC

AKA "Marathon Matt"

29 years old. Born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Currently resides in Richmond, Kentucky.

Married Lyndsey Johnson Harville, 27, another Frankfort native, in 2004. One daughter (Lillian) age 2

Senior Settlement Consultant at McNay Settlement Group in Richmond, Ky.

Began his career at McNay in 2000 and has served as workers compensation coordinator, marketing associate, intern and settlement consultant.

Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2002

Received the Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation from Norte Dame University in 2006.

Named to the Million Dollar Round Table 3 times and to the Top of the Million Dollar Round Table in 2006.

Former President of the Madison County Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Accomplishments in endurance training and competition include:

Completed Ironman Florida, Timberman Half Ironman, Derby Marathon, Derby Mini Marathon. Placed 1st two years in a row at the North Lexington YMCA Splash N Dash. Placed first at the EKU Triathlon. Second place overall for the Headfirst Performance Triathlon Series in 2007. Second place in age group Buffalo Trails Maysville, Ky. First place age group Black Cat Chase Frankfort, KY. Several age group wins in Headfirst Performance Triathlons over the past 3 years. Several age group wins and places in 5k's.

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