Sunday, April 20, 2008

Books on the Nightstand, music on the CD

I wrote a column about John Eckberg's book The Success Effect

John asked a number of business trailblazers what books they had on their nightstand and what CD's they had in their CD changer.

I have not purchased a CD in a long time but always stay close to my IPOD and found that every music video imaginable is on You Tube.

My music list is

1. Dirt Off Your Shoulder- Jay-Z (Check out the Obama video spoof that goes with it.)

2 . Kids in America-Kim Wilde (an early MTV classic.)

3. Little Liar-Joan Jett (I'm big on Joan Jett. She might be on the list every week.)

4. The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful-Jimmy Buffett (The song currently on my MySpace page.)

5. How Much Tequila Did I Drink Last Night- Steve Goodman.

Tequila came to mind when my friend and Chicago native Larry Niemi was elected to the Board of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association. Goodman was an incredible songwriter (and high school classmate of Hillary Clinton) who died of cancer at a young age. One of his last songs was a Dying Cub Fan's Last Request.

Books on my nightstand (the last five books I have read)

1. Right of the Dial: The Rise of Clear Channel and the Fall of Commercial Radio

2. Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing

3. Eddie and the Cruisers by P.F. Kluge

4. Hats & Eyeglasses: A Family Love Affair with Gambling by Martha Frankel

5. Troublemaker: A Personal History of School Reform since Sputnik by Chester (Checker) Finn Jr.

Unlike Donald Trump, I have read every word of every book and with Eddie and the Cruisers, I own the movie too.

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