Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don McNay on POTUS 08 on XM Radio

I am taping a segment with Tim Farley on XM radio on Thursday morning. It is on POTUS 08, Channel 130. I am not sure what time(s) the interview will air but you can listen on their web site or download the podcast on ITunes.

I'm on to talk about the only political column I have written in the past couple of months, Mitch McConnell and the 24 year itch

I wrote it on October 5, but it went unnoticed with the economic crisis going on. It was based on research I did while I was in graduate school at Vanderbilt. A producer at XM radio is a fellow Vanderbilt graduate (although she noted it was LONG after I graduated) and spotted it.

As Brian Wilson once said, "be true to your school." I am fornutate that so many Eastern Kentucky University and Vanderbilt graduates have wound up in the media.

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