Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don McNay on WTVQ in Lexington and 11190.KEX in Portland Oregon

I taped a segment with Greg Stotelmyer at WTVQ-TV in Lexington today (Tuesday,. September 30) that wlll run on their evening news.

Tomorrow (October 1) I am doing a live segment with Paul Linnman on news radio 1190.KEX in Portland Oregon. I should be on at 8.15 am (EDT). You can pick up. the show via podcast and live streaming.

I also was quoted in the Richmond Register news story and will include a link to that.

Morning Show on 1190.KEX in Portland Oregon


Richmond Register, page 1, September 30 2008

I'm going to keep doing special columns while the economic crisis goes on. I've also been doing non stop media appearances, including two with Joe Elliott (4 pm and again at 5.30 pm.) on WHAS-84 yesterday.

As noted last week:

Dave Astor at Editor and Publisher Magazine did a terrific story about my column concerning the economic crisis and Senator Bunning. I've gotten response to Dave's column from all over the United States.

Here is the link.

Dave Astor's story about Don McNay column in Editor and Publisher

Editor & Publisher story

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