Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Al Smith winning SPJ award

Tom Eblen at the Lexington Herald Leader did a terrific column this week about Al Smith. Al, along with Tim Russert and two others, will receive a huge award from the Society of Professional Journalists at their Atlanta convention this week.

I planned to be there before I banged up my knee. I am better now. I went to Dr. Phil Hoffman yesterday, who is best known as the father of "Babydaddy" in the Scissor Sisters. Dr. Phil had me jump around the office for a few minutes. He could have been auditioning me as a dancer for the group. Never know. I feel pretty good but it is too late to reschedule my trip.

I had dinner with Al & Martha Helen last week. They also invited Elizabeth Page, and her parents. Elizabeth is a fascinating MIT student from Lexington who I plan to feature in a future column. Elizabeth gives me hope for the future of America and the kind of talented student that Kentucky schools can produce.

Tom Eblen Column about Al Smith

Don McNay Column: Al Smith & War Against Addiction

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