Sunday, May 11, 2008

Read Tom Eblen's Column about Facebook

Longtime Lexington Herald managing editor Tom Eblen made a recent move into column writing. It is really, really good. His insights are absolutely stunning.

When Tom told me that he was going to be a columnist, I can't say that I jumped with enthusiasm. I had never seen his writing. I appreciated his low key humor when we appeared together on Comment on Kentucky but didn't know how that would translate to print.

It translates well.

Tom s not afraid to embrace new technologies or new ideas. He has a blog, uses video and I receive the column from his RSS feed. In an age when many columnist gravitate to polarization, Tom allows for both sides of an argument to have their say.

Tom and I are the same age and he was one of my first Facebook friends born before the Reagan presidency. We both immediately realized that Facebook was an important communications tool and not a college fad.

Tom's thoughts about Facebook are something I wish I had written and concur with completely.

Tom Eblen's Thoughts About Facebook

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