Monday, January 28, 2008

Notes from Don McNay

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My first nationally syndicated radio appearance happens on Thursday, when I appear on the Mike McConnell show at 10 a.m. eastern time.

Mike is based at WLW (700) in Cincinnati but broadcast all over the United States.

You can also download the podcast on ITunes.

Also on Thursday, I am a guest on Pat Crowley's television show on Insight Cable in Northern Kentucky. It repeats 16 times so everyone in my home town should be able to catch it several times.

With my book and the economy in flux, I've been keeping doing a slew of media appearances while keeping on the road with the structured settlement business.

Anyone trying to find me can reach me at 888 676-2629 (888 Mr. McNay) or at

I have a structured settlement and Kentucky Press Association items below.

Structured Settlements and Medical Malpractice article
Enclosed is a link to an article entitled Structured Settlements and Medical Malpractice. It links to a great article in Trial Magazine by Dov Apfel, titled, Settling the cerebral palsy case.

Dov is a great trial lawyer and great human being. He is based outside of Washington DC in Greenbelt, Maryland and is one of the nation's leading authorities of birth injury litigation.

I was thrilled to see that Dov cited an article that Bill Garmer (w and I wrote for Trial Magazine called, Is a Qualified Settlement Fund right for your client?.

I've written a lot of things for a lot of publications but I am particularly proud of the Qualified Settlement Fund article. It was the first QSF article in a major publication like Trial Magazine. It made McNay Settlement Group one of the nation's leaders in Qualified Settlement Funds, a position we have never lost.

I have links to the Structured Settlements and Medical Malpractice article and the original article that Bill Garmer and I wrote. (Please note that Garmer, is also a great trial lawyer, great human being and great author.)

Structured Settlements and Medical Malpractice article

Trial Magazine: Is a Qualified Settlement Fund right for your client? by Don McNay & Bill Garmer


The Kentucky Press Association handed out their 2007 awards last week I was given a second place award in the best column category. To paraphase Governor Williard "Mitt" Romney, I've gottten two silvers and a gold in the past three years.

Register at 2006 KPAEven better was that my home newspaper, The Richmond Register, was named best newspaper in its size category for the second time in three years.

Jim Todd has done an incredible job in his three years as editor. I am very proud of him. I'm also proud of associate editor Lorie Love, who came in third in the best column category and diplomatically deals with my demands on a weekly basis.

Richmond tied with the Corbin Times Tribune for first place and the Corbin editor, Samnatha Swindler, was named best columnist. Sam is a rising star in the journalism field and a talented and insightful writer.

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