Saturday, June 30, 2007

Carl Kremer and Ken Griffey Jr.

Carl Kremer and Ken Griffey Jr.

While the Fielder family drama has been playing out, I had the chance to see happier sports moments last week with Moeller high school basketball coach Carl Kremer and his former student Ken Griffey Jr.

As Jenny Elder noted in the award winning Richmond Register, Carl brought his defending Ohio state championship team to a camp at Eastern Kentucky University.

I watched Moeller show why his team will again will be one of the best in the nation.

Carl is one of my closest friends and the column I wrote about him in March ranks as one of the most popular in the history of my web page.

On the same day I was visiting with Carl and his parents at EKU, Griffey was being honored by his former team, the Seattle Mariners.

The tribute made to Griffey was one of the most touching that I have ever seen. Although the drama was marred by the Cincinnati Reds telecasters, who cut away from the ceremony to run a Gold Star Chili commercial, you can tell the Mariners put on a first class event.

Seattle is one of my favorite places and the people are very special. The tribute to Griffey was a classic example of their class and character.

When Ken Griffey Jr. was a junior in high school, Carl told me that Griffey would be the greatest player to ever play baseball. Only a series of crippling injuries has kept Carl's prediction from being correct.

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